Preschool Information



Apples of Gold Educational Center is affiliated with God’s Family Church a non- denominational Christian Church.  Its total support comes from the tuition and fees collected.  Gifts and contributions are tax-deductible and welcomed.




Apples of Gold Educational Center is licensed by the State of California, Department of Health and Social Services.


Admissions Policy


  1. Apples of Gold Educational Center is open to eligible children on a non-discriminatory basis. No child will be excluded on the basis of race, gender, national origin or ancestry, or religious affiliation.


  1. Any child who is two years of age upon admission is eligible for enrollment. We are open to all children through age six. Children must attend a minimum of two days a week. The children will be separated by age so they can associate with children of their own age and interests.


  1. The following forms are required by Apples of Gold Educational Center and or the State of California:


* A completed Enrollment form

* A completed Identification and Emergency Information form

*A completed Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment form

*A completed Child’s Preadmission Health History form (filled out by parents)

*A completed Physicians Report (filled out and signed by a physician)

*A completed Immunization Record (kept on file at the school)

*A current test for tuberculosis including date and results of test (Only required if symptoms of risk are present)

*Two completed Emergency Card (one for the classroom and one for the office)

*A signed Notification of Parents Rights form

*A signed Personal Rights form

*A signed Permission form

*A completed Parental Agreement form

*A completed Admissions Agreement form


Hours & Office Contact Information

Apples of Gold Educational Center is open from 6:30 AM until 6:30 PM, Monday through Friday, year round (excluding some holidays – see calendar).

Office Phone number (559) 276-1486 Email (




All new students are charged a one-time $50.00 non-refundable registration fee.  This fee covers part of the administration costs relating to registration as well as initial supplies.


Educational Materials Fee


All students will be charged a $40.00 non-refundable materials fee on September 1 of each year.  This fee covers some of the consumable materials.


Fund Raisers


Fund raisers may be held periodically to help defray the costs of some of the activities and charitable projects and to keep tuition low.  Notice will be give in advance of any fund raisers of any fund raisers, and each parent is asked to participate.  Fund raisers that may be considered are candy sales, toy sales, basket raffle, and tric-a-thons.


Substituting Days and Schedule Changes


Substituting or making up days might be available on a limited bases. Any make up days must be preapproved but cannot be guaranteed. Any and all days changes in your child’s schedule will be bases on the number of students enrolled at the center per day. We are required to maintain a maximum of students on a daily bases and are not allowed to exceed that amount on any given day. Our program operates, for the most part, at full capacity and often we have the maximum number of children in the center that we allowed.  Permanent schedule changes can be considered by the director based on advance notice and availability.




  1. Full-day Preschool


This program is planned to meet the growth and development needs of young preschool children.  Our program includes creative arts and crafts, science observation, rhythm and music, sharing experiences, story times, free play, and other directed learning activities.  Our school day also includes a required rest period for all students.


Full-time children should arrive by 8:30 AM and be picked up before 6:30 PM.


  1. Enrichment Program


This program is designed for the students that are unable to take part in the full day preschool.  It includes the primary instructional time in the morning with the snack time but not the afternoon reinforcement time.


Half-day students may personalize their schedule from two days to five days per week. These students may stay 6 hours or less as long as they are picked up by 1:00 PM each day.


Sick Week


If a child is absent for an entire calendar week due to illness, the tuition will be half-price.  Each child is given four sick weeks per year, one week after each three month period of enrollment is completed.  Tuition must be current and paid up to date in order to take “Sick Weeks”.


Holidays (Preschool Closed)


Martin Luther King Jr. Day                            Thanksgiving (Thursday & Friday)

President’s Day                                               Christmas Eve (1:00 PM)

Memorial Day                                                 Christmas Day

Independence Day                                          New Years Eve (1:00 PM)

Labor Day                                                       New Years Day


Tuition remains the same for the weeks with holidays.




Each preschool child enrolled in full-time or half day programs are eligible for up to two weeks of vacation per year.  The first week may be taken any time after six months enrollment has been completed.  The second week may be taken any time after twelve months enrollment has been completed.  This provision is made to promote family vacations.


Vacation time credit will be given only if tuition is paid up to date.  There will be no charge for the vacation period if a one-week written notice of vacation is given to the school administrator, and the child has not previously used their vacation time.


These policies are also in effect during the public school vacations of Christmas and Easter.


Extended Absence Without Notice


If a Full-Time or Half-Day preschool child is absent from school, for a period of two week or more without notifying the school as to the reason, the child could lose his/her place in the school.  The school will charge the parent for a total of three weeks tuition.  One, for the week in question and two more for a two week notice, see below.




A limited budget demands that the school operate at a capacity level that approaches 100%.  Thus, two weeks written notice must be given if the child is withdrawn from the full-time preschool or half-day programs.  If this notice is not given, parents will be charged for the two weeks.




Absent days may not be made up, because school activities and license are for a set number of children each day.  Please notify the school if the child is not going to be at school for the day.


Please keep the child home if he/she has symptoms, such as fever, swollen glands, rash, or runny nose, until symptoms subside.  If the child has a communicable disease, please contact the school at once to allow the opportunity to alert the other parents.


Each child should be inspected at home each morning before he/she associates with other children in the school.  The director or teacher has the authority to refuse the child if signs of illness are present.  If a child becomes overly fatigued or ill later in the day, the parent will be called and possibly asked to pick up the child immediately.  In case the child is not allowed to stay at school, please accept the judgment of the teacher or director as final.


These rules are designed to protect the health of all our students.  It is never our intention to single out any of our students.


Financial Policies


In order to maintain a high quality of education for each child, it is necessary that tuition be paid for the days each child is enrolled.  Our teachers are hired on the assumption that each child will be in school:  when he/she is absent payment must be received for this day as our expenses continue when the child is or is not present.  In order to be fair to the parents and to protect our own financial structure, the following policies have been set.


  1. Money will be accepted form 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM


  1. All fees and tuition are paid in the current week..


  1. Weekly tuition is due and payable by Friday of the current week of which the child attends school. Tuition is considered late and subject to a $10.00 late fee if not paid by 6:30PM on Friday of the week in question.


  1. Tuition can be paid as far in advance as a parent chooses. The school offers a discount for tuition paid either six months or one year in advance.  However, the payments must be in advance.


  1. Our school is non-profit and self-supporting. All tuitions are on a weekly flat rate basis.


  1. Tuition shall be as follows for illness:


If a child is out for one calendar week, tuition will be half price for full-time preschool and           half day preschoolers only.


If a child should miss a portion of the week, tuition must be paid in full for that week.      Example:  if a 3 day student misses 1 or 2 days; or  5 day student misses 1, 2, 3, or 4 days, tuition is paid in full.


  1. A service charge of $25.00 will be made for each check issued to the school that is returned by the bank for any reason.


After two returned checks, only online, cash or money orders will be accepted.


  1. Late Pickup Charge: $1.00 for each 5-minute segment after 6:30 PM due and payable at the time of service rendered.  If this is a continual problem, a conference with the director will be required and could be cause for removal of the student from school.


  1. Receipts for all tuition and fee payments are available. We ask that all cash payments wait for a receipt.


Arrival and Pick Up – Sign In & Out


  1. The only persons allowed to pick up a child are those whose names are indicated on the child’s records. This is for the protection of the child.  If a person arrives to pick up a child they should always bring a picture identification card with them and be prepared to show it to the teacher upon request.


  1. If for any reason the parents want someone else to pick up their child, the parent must give the director a note in advance and the person will be asked to show a driver’s license or other proof of identity. If unable to send a written note, a parent must notify the school by phone.


  1. Each child must be signed in and out each day by the person authorized to do so. We are not responsible until the child’s presence is acknowledged by a teacher.  Sign-in sheets are placed on the board near the office.  Brief messages may be left in the right hand column. Please check the board for any messages to parents.


  1. The person who signs the child in/out must use his/her full legal signature and must record the time of day as well. A fee can be assessed to the school by the state if a child is not signed in or out. If this should happen, the parents/guardians of the child will be responsible for the fee amount.







It is important that accurate records be kept of home phone numbers, place and phone of employment for each parent, any change of address, doctor of student, and phone number of people to contact in case of emergency.


Parent/School Communication


  1. Parents will be informed of current information and events through monthly parent letters.


  1. Conferences:


  1. Conferences will be held with each child’s parent during the first three months of attendance.


  1. A parent may have a special conference with a teacher by making an appointment through the office or the director.


  1. Parents are always welcome to visit the school. Please see the director to set up a convenient time for parent and teacher.




We celebrate birthdays during the afternoon snack period.  Parents are welcome to bring a birthday cake or treats and special cups and plates for members of the child’s class.  Please contact the teacher at least two days in advance and get the exact number of classmates for the day.  The child’s teacher will enjoy making this day a special time for him/her. If your child is a ½ day student, please contact your teacher to set up a time to celebrate his/her birthday.


Communicable Diseases


Should the child come down with any communicable disease during the school year, we would appreciate the parent’s notifying the school immediately.  We endeavor to take every precaution to alert the parents so that we may keep illness to a minimum among our students.




  1. Corporal punishment and humiliating or frightening techniques are never used, nor is punishment ever associated with food, rest, isolation for illness, or toilet training.


  1. Disciplinary problems are prevented or handled in these manners:


  1.    Redirection to avoid a problem;


  1.               Giving recognition for positive achievement;
  2. Time out if the child cannot cope with the situation or needs time to calm down;


  1. If a problem exists that is serious or reoccurring, the parent will be contacted.


We strive to provide an environment for all our children that is happy and safe from dangers and unnecessary stress.


If a problem develops that is detrimental to the well being of the child involved or the other children in the school, the parent will be asked to remove the child from school.


Field Trips


Throughout the year, various field trips will be planned to enhance the curriculum and broaden the experience of the children.  Usually these trips will be local and of low cost.  An authorization form will be sent home to be signed by the parent before each field trip.  Parents are invited to go along and help with transportation for trips.  Many parents especially enjoy these fun filled experiences.


Due to car seat regulations, all children under six years of age and/or less than sixty pounds must bring a car seat in order to participate in field trips unless we are using the church bus for transportation.


Shoes and Clothing


Clogs, thongs, and plastic shoes, should not be worn to school.  Sturdy shoes, such as tennis shoes, are the most desirable.


Please put the child’s name inside all outer clothing, such as coats and sweaters.  Washable play clothes are best for school wear.


Extra Clothes


  1. All children need to bring a complete change of clothing to be kept at school for emergency use. If the child uses his/her extra clothes, please return the washed clothes to school as soon as possible.


  1. Please mark all extra clothes, as well as all outer clothing, with the child’s name.


  1. Unclaimed articles will be kept at the school for one month, where they may be identified and picked up. After that time they will be donated to a needy cause.






Toys from Home


We ask that the child’s toys and stuffed animals be left at home or in the car.  There will be exceptions to this rule on special days.  The child’s teacher should be consulted before bringing any toys to school.


The school is well equipped with the necessary toys for the planned learning activities; therefore, parental cooperation with this rule will be very helpful.


Personal Property


The preschool is not responsible for damage to personal property or lost articles.  The preschool and staff will make every effort to ensure that personal property is not abused or lost.


The parents are responsible for taking their child’s coats, sweaters, blankets, etc., directly to their child’s classroom in the morning.


Monthly Information


A newsletter will be available every month in the child’s pocket on the wall near the office.


Please read the information on the handouts very carefully for notification of any special activities or events during the month.




Naps are taken in the afternoon from 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM.  Please send a crib sheet and a small blanket with the child’s name on it for nap time if the child stays in the afternoon.  All blankets must be washable.  Blankets will be sent home once a week to be washed.




We provide a nutritious mid-morning and afternoon snack that may consist of fruit, vegetables, crackers, peanut butter, granola, or other good foods.


All full-time and half-day children bring their lunch to school.  We ask that lunches be wholesome, simple, and geared to the child’s eating patterns.  We ask that no candy, gum or sodas be sent in the lunch.





Illness and Accident


Please, for the health of the child and others, do not send him/her to school when he/she is ill.


If the child is going to be absent form school for any reason, it is necessary to notify the school before 8:30 AM.  The telephone number to call is


If the child is out of school for more than one week due to illness, we must have a note from a physician stating that the child is now able to return to school.


One-third of our program is outside, so a child that is not well enough to be outside should not attend.  A fever should be gone for twenty four hours before the child returns to school.


In case of accident or illness at school, the child will be sent to the office; and, if deemed necessary, parents will be notified to pick up the child.  It is quiet important that the information on the child’s school record is accurate.  Please notify the office of any changes in address, phone, or doctor.


Physician’s Report


California State Law requires that a Physician’s Report be completed and signed by a doctor before a child enters school (the State Law allows a two week grace period for the Physician’s Report, but the immunization record must be completed and filed with the school office before the child enters school).




At the time of each child’s first enrollment, documentation of immunizations are required:


DPT immunizations (first, second, third and fourth)

Polio immunizations (first, second and third)

Measles, Mumps, Rubella immunizations (MMR)

Hepatitis B (first, second and third)



TB Test (Required if child shows symptoms)




If the child has an allergy or is recovering from an illness (and is no longer contagious) but still requires medication, it may be given at school if:


  1. Medicine is in its original prescription container, and


  1. The child’s name, dosage, times of administration, name of physician, and name of pharmacy are properly labeled on the container. All medications must be given to the child’s teacher upon arrival. This is the responsibility of the parent.


  1. All liquid medications are to be stored in the office refrigerator.


  1. Inhalers and non liquid medications are to be placed in the child’s classroom medication box by a staff member only.


  1. A release form must be completed for each staff member administering inhalers. (This is a state regulation and will be several forms.)


  1. We recommend that medications taken on a daily basis, for long term use, be in a container that can be left at school. (If you ask your pharmacist, they can give you another container or bottle to keep at school.)


Parents must complete a “Medication Form” with the child’s name, date, teacher’s name, type of medication, dosage and time of administration. Please request Inhaler Administration form from the office.


We do not administer over the counter or non prescription medications without a note from the child’s physician with the exact dosage instructions.


Staff are required to have special training to work with a child having Diabetes that need blood sugar monitoring and insulin injections. Special guidelines have been set in place to help meet the needs of diabetic children. Please see the director for more information.




Be sure to keep all addresses and telephone numbers current in the child’s file.  If the child is hurt or has another emergency situation, the following will be done:


  1. If the injury is not serious, simple first aid will be administered by the school staff.


  1. If the injury is serious or may require a doctor’s attention, the parent or other responsible person will be contacted and the child will be taken to the emergency room of the nearest hospital or other facility if designated by parent.