We believe that each child should be responded to at his/her own understanding. It is important that the teacher is able to meet this need for the following to be accomplished:

1. Corporal punishment and humiliation is never to be used nor is punishment ever to be associated with food, rest or isolation for illness and toilet training.

2. The protocol for handling discipline problems are as follows:

a. The use of redirection for inappropriate behaviors.

b. The use of positive reinforcement for appropriate behavior and positive role modeling to demonstrate acceptable behaviors.

c. The use of a cooling down time to allow for the child to cope with the situation at hand. (Cooling down periods should be no more than one minute per year and be situational directed by the teacher.)

d. If problems insist, a parent, teacher and or director meeting may be requested.

e. If a problem arises that is detrimental to the well being of the other children or ones own self, a parent may be asked to remove their child from the school.