Financial Policies

Financial Policies

In order to maintain a high quality of education for each child, it is necessary that tuition be paid for the days each child is enrolled. Our teachers are hired on the assumption that each child will be in school: when he/she is absent payment must be received for this day as our expenses continue when the child is or is not present. In order to be fair to the parents and to protect our own financial structure, the following policies have been set.

1. Money will be accepted form 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM

2. All fees and tuition are paid in the current week..

3. Weekly tuition is due and payable by Friday of the current week of which the child attends school. Tuition is considered late and subject to a $10.00 late fee if not paid by 6:30PM on Friday of the week in question.

4. Tuition can be paid as far in advance as a parent chooses. The school offers a discount for tuition paid either six months or one year in advance. However, the payments must be in advance.

5. Our school is non-profit and self-supporting. All tuitions are on a weekly flat rate basis.

6. Tuition shall be as follows for illness:

If a child is out for one calendar week, tuition will be half price for full-time preschool and half day preschoolers only.

If a child should miss a portion of the week, tuition must be paid in full for that week. Example: if a 3 day student misses 1 or 2 days; or 5 day student misses 1, 2, 3, or 4 days, tuition is paid in full.

7. A service charge of $25.00 will be made for each check issued to the school that is returned by the bank for any reason.

After two returned checks, only online, cash or money orders will be accepted.

8. Late Pickup Charge: $1.00 for each 5-minute segment after 6:30 PM due and payable at the time of service rendered. If this is a continual problem, a conference with the director will be required and could be cause for removal of the student from school.

9. Receipts for all tuition and fee payments are available. We ask that all cash payments wait for a receipt.