Things From Home

Shoes and Clothing


Clogs, thongs, and plastic shoes, should not be worn to school.  Sturdy shoes, such as tennis shoes, are the most desirable.


Please put the child’s name inside all outer clothing, such as coats and sweaters.  Washable play clothes are best for school wear.


Extra Clothes


  1. All children need to bring a complete change of clothing to be kept at school for emergency use. If the child uses his/her extra clothes, please return the washed clothes to school as soon as possible.


  1. Please mark all extra clothes, as well as all outer clothing, with the child’s name.


  1. Unclaimed articles will be kept at the school for one month, where they may be identified and picked up. After that time they will be donated to a needy cause.


Toys from Home


We ask that the child’s toys and stuffed animals be left at home or in the car.  There will be exceptions to this rule on special days.  The child’s teacher should be consulted before bringing any toys to school.


The school is well equipped with the necessary toys for the planned learning activities; therefore, parental cooperation with this rule will be very helpful.


Personal Property


The preschool is not responsible for damage to personal property or lost articles.  The preschool and staff will make every effort to ensure that personal property is not abused or lost.


The parents are responsible for taking their child’s coats, sweaters, blankets, etc., directly to their child’s classroom in the morning.