Our Environment


 To promote an environment conducive to learning, so that each child will be able to successfully complete the series of stages needed to help them develop into individuals that were created to be and an atmosphere that displays God’s love and Christian values o foster the development of the child.


  1. The room should be structured as to have designated learning centers.


  1. Each room should have a home center available for dramatic play.


  1. Manipulative learning centers should be placed spaciously throughout the room.


  1. A clearly marked circle time, this will include a calendar skill area.


  1. A designated daily art center.



Activities and Materials:


  1. Letter recognition and pronunciation will be enforced by the use of a Thematic Curriculum & Phonics, which includes the use of rhythmic rhymes s to recognize the names and sounds of each letter.


  1. Circle time to reinforce counting skills to 30 and basic calendar items.


  1. Learning centers that provide reinforcement and allow for the development of large and fine motor skills.


  1. Daily art and craft stations to allow the uniqueness and individualism of each child to be expressed and developed.