Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy


  1. Apples of Gold Educational Center is open to eligible children on a non-discriminatory basis. No child will be excluded on the basis of race, gender, national origin or ancestry, or religious affiliation.


  1. Any child who is two years of age upon admission is eligible for enrollment. We are open to all children through age six. Children must attend a minimum of two days a week. The children will be separated by age so they can associate with children of their own age and interests.


  1. The following forms are required by Apples of Gold Educational Center and or the State of California:


* A completed Enrollment form

* A completed Identification and Emergency Information form

*A completed Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment form

*A completed Child’s Preadmission Health History form (filled out by parents)

*A completed Physicians Report (filled out and signed by a physician)

*A completed Immunization Record (kept on file at the school)

*A current test for tuberculosis including date and results of test (Only required if symptoms of risk are present)

*Two completed Emergency Card (one for the classroom and one for the office)

*A signed Notification of Parents Rights form

*A signed Personal Rights form

*A signed Permission form

*A completed Parental Agreement form

*A completed Admissions Agreement form