Arrival and Pick Up

Arrival and Pick Up – Sign In & Out


  1. The only persons allowed to pick up a child are those whose names are indicated on the child’s records. This is for the protection of the child.  If a person arrives to pick up a child they should always bring a picture identification card with them and be prepared to show it to the teacher upon request.


  1. If for any reason the parents want someone else to pick up their child, the parent must give the director a note in advance and the person will be asked to show a driver’s license or other proof of identity. If unable to send a written note, a parent must notify the school by phone.


  1. Each child must be signed in and out each day by the person authorized to do so. We are not responsible until the child’s presence is acknowledged by a teacher.  Sign-in sheets are placed on the board near the office.  Brief messages may be left in the right hand column. Please check the board for any messages to parents.


  1. The person who signs the child in/out must use his/her full legal signature and must record the time of day as well. A fee can be assessed to the school by the state if a child is not signed in or out. If this should happen, the parents/guardians of the child will be responsible for the fee amount.