Attendance and Absence Policies



Each preschool child enrolled in full-time or half day programs are eligible for up to two weeks of vacation per year.  The first week may be taken any time after six months enrollment has been completed.  The second week may be taken any time after twelve months enrollment has been completed.  This provision is made to promote family vacations.


Vacation time credit will be given only if tuition is paid up to date.  There will be no charge for the vacation period if a one-week written notice of vacation is given to the school administrator, and the child has not previously used their vacation time.


These policies are also in effect during the public school vacations of Christmas and Easter.


Extended Absence Without Notice


If a Full-Time or Half-Day preschool child is absent from school, for a period of two week or more without notifying the school as to the reason, the child could lose his/her place in the school.  The school will charge the parent for a total of three weeks tuition.  One, for the week in question and two more for a two week notice, see below.




A limited budget demands that the school operate at a capacity level that approaches 100%.  Thus, two weeks written notice must be given if the child is withdrawn from the full-time preschool or half-day programs.  If this notice is not given, parents will be charged for the two weeks.




Absent days may not be made up, because school activities and license are for a set number of children each day.  Please notify the school if the child is not going to be at school for the day.


Please keep the child home if he/she has symptoms, such as fever, swollen glands, rash, or runny nose, until symptoms subside.  If the child has a communicable disease, please contact the school at once to allow the opportunity to alert the other parents.


Each child should be inspected at home each morning before he/she associates with other children in the school.  The director or teacher has the authority to refuse the child if signs of illness are present.  If a child becomes overly fatigued or ill later in the day, the parent will be called and possibly asked to pick up the child immediately.  In case the child is not allowed to stay at school, please accept the judgment of the teacher or director as final.


These rules are designed to protect the health of all our students.  It is never our intention to single out any of our students.